Todoloja BLOG - Life in Loja and the south of Ecuador

A collection of articles and stories about life in Vilcabamba, in the Loja province and the south of Ecuador.

From tiendas to hotels, hardware shops to notary publics, health providers to coffee producers, we like to explore everything in this rich part of the world. Please do contact us if you'd like us to visit and talk about what you do.

Ecuador - Reinventing the Third World. What's the third world anyway
It all started with one simple question: Do I live in the third world? Yes, Ecuador is part of the third world. This led me to the question: 'How many worlds are there and where is the second world anyway, and what about the 4th world?' and so on...
Racing Moto - Youngest friendliest best motorbike dealer in Loja Racing Moto Loja
Racing Moto is an extremely dynamic motorbike dealer in Loja run by 3 young and highly skilled people - Racing, Chinese Imports, Motor Uno, Axxo, Kawasaki
Salinas Car Painting in Loja - Awesome service Salinas Car Painting in Loja
We just had our car totally repainted at Salinas in Loja. The service we received was nothing short of exceptional. Highly recommended.
Crepes n Coffee - American Breakfast in Loja Ecuador Crepes n Coffee - Authentic American Breakfast in Loja
Fancy a genuine American breakfast or brunch with pancakes, waffles, maple syrup, espresso coffee, eggs and bacon, you name it ... the real thing ?
Pierre Volter - Black on White - Gentle Groovy Piano Black on White - Gentle groovy piano
A compilation of 15 original piano compositions. Some are piano solo, gentle, evocative, at times passionate and moody, others are layered with up to 3 pianos and at times quite upbeat and groovy, all the way to downright eccentric at the end of the CD.
QI Esencial - Biomagnetic Therapies in Loja Ecuador Biomagnetism in Loja Ecuador
En QI Esencial se encuentra un equipo de profesionales que trabajan juntos para brindar el mejor servicio de medicina holística moderna. Los tratamientos de Acupuntura de Cupping y de Par Biomagnetico son complementarios.
Notaria Primera - A model of excellence in Loja Ecuador Notaria Primera in Loja Ecuador
At Notaria Primera you will get first class service from a very experienced notary public and her dedicated team. Professional Safe Honest Amicable.
Lograr la excelencia empresarial en Loja Ecuador (ES) Achieve Business Excellence in Loja
En tiempo de crisis la excelencia empresarial es mas importante que nunca. Servicio irreprochable, atención al cliente y actitud positiva son los ingredientes esenciales de la torta del éxito.
Huaquillas Ecuador - right on the border with Peru Huaquillas – Right on the border with Peru
Huaquillas is located right on the Ecuador-Peru border. It has a small port (Puerto Hualtaco) from where people can go to the Costa Rica island of Jambeli.
QI Esencial - Oriental and Bioenergetic Therapies Loja Ecuador QI Esencial – Oriental and Bioenergetic Therapies in Loja Ecuador
QI Esencial is a very special place indeed where you will feel good and relaxed. They provide holistic treatments of Acupuncture Cupping Biomagnetism and more...
GAS - What is right about Ecuador - Gentleness What is right about Ecuador - Gentleness
My conclusion after years of living in Ecuador is that there must be something deeply genetic that makes the Ecuadorian people as gentle as they are.
Gringo al SUR - At the boundary between two worlds A gringo at the boundary between two worlds
Gringo al SUR is an expat from Belgium who embarks on a discovery trip around the Loja province of Ecuador and its numerous 'pueblos' to meet the people.
Loja provincia de café ecológico de altura (ES) Loja the organic coffee province
En San Antonio de las Aradas Quilanga, provincia de Loja), hay mas que 40 caficultores que forman parte de una Unión de Artesanos llamada 'El Colmenar'.
La importancia de una pagina web profesional y bilingüe (ES) Get yourself a bilingual profesional web page
Loja Ecuador - Una pagina web profesional bilingüe castellano inglés es tu carta de presentación digital a nivel internacional. Te brindamos excelencia. Contactanos ahora.
Historia de arroz (arroz blanco vs arroz integral) (ES) Arroz story (white vs wholemeal)
Si no has probado el arroz integral, tu te los pierdes. Es rico, fácil de preparar y a pese las contradicciones que se pueden leer en el internet, es seguramente mas saludable.
Zaruma Ecuador- A gem not far from Loja (part 1) Zaruma a real gem close to Loja
Zaruma is a small city in the province of El Oro (The Gold). It offers an impressive display of traditional architecture. One could almost feel like being in Switzerland.
Notaria Quinta in Loja - Fast, Professional and Friendly Notaria Quinta Loja Ecuador
In the Notaria Quinta of Loja Ecuador, I found the atmosphere to be both professional and relaxed. The notary is a soft-spoken and very approachable person. The staff is cordial and the service is excellent.
Salud y Vida SPA - Natural therapies in Vilcabamba Salud y Vida SPA (Vilcabamba)
Relaxation therapies. Mariana has a lot of experience and works with love and respect. The place is cozy and the energy is great. We recommend it to anyone.
Pharmacy in Loja - By the people and for the people The people's pharmacy (Loja)
Only a few meters from the 'centro comercial' main entrance in Loja Ecuador, there is a pharmacy. The place is small indeed but his owner is a great man...
Simple tips to identify snakes in Vilcabamba Loja Ecuador Snakes Tips to identify
To identify a snake one has to look at the shape of the head, the shape of the eyes and the tail, easier said than done I know but that is what it is.
Living healthy in Vilcabamba and Loja Ecuador Living Healthy in Loja
If there is something that I have learned living in Vilcabamba Ecuador, it is that health is not something that money usually buys. Health Nature Diet...
Dumas Restaurant - French Italian Gastronomy in Loja Ecuador Dumas Restaurant (diner)
If you want to experience some fine gastronomical dining in the city of Loja Ecuador without killing your budget, Dumas is the ideal place.
Dumas Restaurant - A gentle gourmet touch in Loja Ecuador Dumas Restaurant (lunch)
Best lunch in Loja Ecuador. This is one of the best restaurants in Loja. From simple traditional lunches to a la carte French and Italian gastronomy.
Studio K Loja - Let the light and the music be Studio K Lighting Loja
Quality lighting and audio, automation expertise in design of cool, trendy, modern, energy efficient illumination and sound solutions for your home.
Reina del Cisne - Pharmacy with a heart in Vilcabamba Ecuador Pharmacy Reina del Cisne
At pharmacy Reina del Cisne, you will find quality service and professionalism delivered by a real human being with a heart. Natural and allopathic medicine
AGAVEBLU - Exquisite Organic Mexican Food in Vilcabamba Agaveblu Vilcabamba
Delicious, tasty, healthy Mexican food in Vilcabamba Ecuador, Ingredients are locally grown by the owners themselves or sourced from Vilcabamba or Loja.
EcuadorVIDA - Your friendly legal expert in Loja Ecuador EcuadorVIDA (law firm)
Immigration and Visas, Containers, Import / Export, Companies, Real Estate - Ramiro Carrion friendly, relaxed, highly experienced lawyer in Loja Ecuador
La Ramada de Noé - Jambelí Machala - Paradise in Ecuador La Ramada de Noe in Jambeli
For the modest price of $10 per person, La Ramada de Noe is a winner. It offers simple accommodation, good friendly service, a few steps from the beach.
Loja Ecuador - Culture of consumption of quality coffee A taste of coffee
Loja is one of the most important coffee producing regions in Ecuador. Making top quality coffee requires many factors to be just right and expertise...
Loja Ecuador - Cultura de consumo de un café de calidad A taste of coffee (photos)
El café es un mundo. Un buen café es el resultado de muchos factores, todos importantes. La provincia de Loja beneficia de todos los factores ambientales...
Hotel Paris Loja Ecuador - Ecuadorian hospitality at its best Hotel Paris Loja
At the end of the day what really makes a difference is the human factor. Hotel Paris Loja Ecuador - Ecuadorian hospitality at its best
BIOregenereC - Holistic Natural Health Center in Loja Ecuador BIOregenereC Organics and Health
BIOregenereC - Holistic Natural Health Center in Loja Ecuador
Rescatar la Identidad Ecuatoriana Ecuadorian Identity
Ecuador es un país con una diversidad increíble, a nivel de sus paisajes y a nivel de su gente. Hay todos los colores en este país chiquito, y es su riqueza
Supermercado Marisol - quality organic food in Vilcabamba Supermercado Marisol
Supermercado Marisol in Vilcabamba means quality, uncompromising service and, as much as feasible in Ecuador, natural and organic. Interview with the owner.
Cheap Yummy Healthy Lunch in Loja - Hotel Saraguros Healthy lunch in Loja
Looking for a cheap and healthy lunch in Loja? At last we found one place. Under new management, hotel Saraguro's offers a $3 buffet style quality lunch.
Ecuador país de alegría y de muchas risas Land of smiles
La semana pasada deje Loja y su clima frio y me fui a pasear en la costa, pasando por lugares notables tales como San Pedro de la Bendita, el Cisne, Zaruma, Piñas, Machala y el archipiélago de Jambelí que era mi destinación
Empresas y emprendedores de Loja Ecuador Doing business in Loja
Empresas y emprendedores de Loja Ecuador ofrecen productos y servicios de alta calidad no solamente productos básicos mas bien tecnología yservicios.
Hotel Villonaco - Your home in Loja Ecuador Hotel Villonaco
At Hotel Villonaco, located in the heart of the city of Loja in Ecuador, the hospitality, care, comfort, kindness, trust and warmth make a real difference
Timothy's bar and grill: a must in Vilcabamba Loja Ecuador Timothy's
Timothy's specializes in 'Healthy American Food': Burgers, fries, T-bone steaks... However it is not junk food. It is well balanced and nutritious
Ecuador Diverse - A must and affordable travel destination Ecuador Diverse
What an amazing country Ecuador is! Tucked on the west coast of the Latin America continent, it is tiny and highly underrated...
Un dia en Chaguarpamba en la provincia de Loja Ecuador Chaguarpamba (Spanish)
Un dia en Chaguarpamba en la provincia de Loja Ecuador. Visitamos los pueblos de Chaguarpamba, Buena Vista y Amarillos. Un rico café en Su Café.
Todoloja.com une fuerzas con seekvilcabamba.com - Gringo al SUR Vilcabamba Loja Ecuador todoloja.com
Todoloja.com une fuerzas con seekvilcabamba.com - Gringo al SUR nos enseña Vilcabamba y toda la provincia de Loja en Ecuador
Living in the Loja province of Ecuador Living in Loja
So you made it to Vilcabamba or the city of Loja in the south of Ecuador. But what is it really to be LIVING in the Loja province of Ecuador...
Gringo al SUR - Exploring the Loja province in Ecuador Gringo al SUR
Gringo al SUR is a character for a TV program in Loja Ecuador. He embarks on a discovery trip around the Loja province and its numerous 'pueblos'.
The Vilcabamba Survival Guide takes a new turn A new turn
I wish this site to contain a lot of information on what 'real living' is in southern Ecuador. if you have a business, you too can be part of it...
todoloja.com link: Culture of Ecuador - history, people, women, beliefs, food, customs, family, social, marriage Ecuador Country and Culture
A high quality in-depth article from everyculture.com about all aspects of the Ecuadorian society. This is one of the best concise sources on Ecuador in general that I have read. It even describes the slight variations in the cultures. For Spanish speaking people a Google automatic translation is provided. - Culture of Ecuador - history, people, wo...